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Awkward Dimensions Redux: Part Three

Another week another trip to dreamland. I got a bit more frustrated in the part. I should note that I did enjoy my experience with this game overall. There were just some minor frustrations along the way. For the record, it was that dark in the game. I probably of should have been more pro […]

Awkward Dimensions Redux: Part 2

I Just had a panic thought, I really hope I didn’t fuck up the edit order on these videos. Let’s all watch and find out. Getting them out of order might make it even weirder. This is more of my time in the dream world. As always it’s a little over ten minutes in length. […]

Miscreated: In The Dark

Miscreated is a great survival crafting game. Recently it had a lot of updates. So I dropped in to check them out. I really need to start doing things like this in day light. Nightfall and Mutants do not mix.

Wonderpod Episode 275

Wonderpod is ready to roll for another week. It is a two man show this time around. We talk a lot about games we have been playing. Which is a nice change of pace and a sure sign the holiday season is approaching. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!!

Wonderpod Episode 260

This week on Wonderpod. Back to the mighty trio. We go all over the rails, but never quite off it this week. If there was a template for the current era of Wonderpod this might be it. Enjoy the show folks!

McGee In: GTA 5 (five star mayhem)

I went for a little drive in free roam in Grand Theft Auto Five. Along the way I mysteriously gathered five stars. Seems the authorities just don’t understand Frank’s idea of fun. Enjoy the video guys!

B and K In: The Forest

This was going to be another second look video. Like the one I did on ArcheAge. What it turned into was five lame jokes and some death. There might be a proper second look coming later. Enjoy the video guys!

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Hulk-A-Mii Is Running Wild!

Well you know something, brother, dude, brother? I have been playing Mario Kart 8 for a long time now, dude. And it was time to take things to the next level for my Miis, brother. And the best way to do that is to Hulk Up and play as the one and only ” Hulk-A Mii”.  […]

PatMan Plays Titanfall Beta. Day 2. New Game type.

I have had a little more time with the Titanfall Beta and I am enjoying it even more than last night. I played a different game type today and it will probably become my favorite.  It is based on the classic Battlefield game type of taking positions and defending them. The more positions you have, […]

Mobile Gaming Translating To Massive Earnings For Video Game Industry

With the relatively recent release of the latest generation of gaming consoles, it’s easy to make the argument that these systems are at the forefront of the industry. The idea of purchasing an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and/or Nintendo Wii U is only going to become more enticing this year with all the games that […]