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Smurfs Episode Two

I woke up this morning in a goofy and outrageous mood. That meant I had to immediately put underwear on my head and rock out to DEVO for a while. Instead of giving you my normal morning shtick, how about you guys enjoy a smurf episode instead. While you do that I will try and […]

Rain Bull Crafting

I live in California, a few hours north of San Francisco. I mention this because when people think California, they think lots of sunshine. I wish someone would tell mother nature that little fact. We are experiencing rain in mid May. It really makes it hard to operate my sheep fondling business. I mean nobody […]

Starhawk trailer

Welcome to the Bruce is to lazy to write show.  Instead I present you with a trailer for Starhawk, which is a PS3 game coming out next year. You read that correct I am throwing up a trailer for a PS3 game. What will the neighbors think.  If you liked Warhawk for the PS3, then check out […]

Crush Trailer

Hey a release trailer for a new game on the 3DS, the crowd goes wild. The game won’t be out until September, the crowd begins to throw rocks.  I will keep pimping 3Ds game trailers as I can already see the potential of the little beast. Even if some “analysts are trying to cause a panic because […]

Facebook Prank Shark

Oh man I am not very with it this morning. I was out very late last night and writing isn’t a top priority this morning. Yet here I sit tapping away on this bloody thing while chili peppers plays in the background. I started my morning watching some PATV. Which is a series I highly […]

Fan Rage RPG

The first day back on the job after an injury or an illness is always weird. You tend to think more about what your body is doing. I suppose it’s worse the longer it your recovery takes. I try very hard to put the fact I was really ill for 15 days out of my […]

Zelda 3D: Now With 2D Trailer

Normally I don’t touch the Nintendo stuff around here. That has clearly been defined as the domain of PatMan and Glasenator. They are the people you see for all things Nintendo.  My original reason for watching this trailer was the 3D/2D thing.  How would footage from a 3D game look in 2D.  Pretty damn good […]

Hockey Bin Laden

I really had no intention of writing anything today. I am buried under so much offline work, that it just wasn’t a priority. Then the never ending virus I have contracted decided I needed to be tired and grumpy today. So after doing a few hours work and reading some things I have obviously changed […]

D&D Daggerdale

Another  game trailer morning.  I need to be getting the heck out of dodge this morning, so no time for the rambling. This mornings trailer comes from Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale.  An RPG that audiomaster G was telling us about on Facebook a couple months ago. Four player dungeon brawler is what this appears to […]

Something A Little Different

I am sitting here trying to decide what to write. Which is a little odd for me as I normally just let it pour out and clean up afterward. I like to think of these posts as my one chance to just ramble about what I want and let the audience decide what to make […]