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PatMan Picks. Amiibo!

What is going ON people. I am in early with the first post of 2015 on WPO ! I hope everyone had a good new years. So, I have a few of these new “Amiibo” figures. I purchased 3 on sale and was gifted another just last night. They are cool little figures that, of […]

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is finally out and PatMan has a reason to dust off the WiiU, put aside the Xbox One for a little while and have some good old fashioned Nintendo FUN. And fun it is. Mario Kart 8 may very well become my favorite game in the series. Technically speaking its outstanding. The […]

Gamers. They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.(Super Metroid Miiverse Reaction)

So as I type this,  Super Metroid is available for the amazingly low price of only $.30 on the Wii U. Not only can you play one of the best Super Nintendo games of all time for basically nothing ,you can also play on the touch pad if the television is being used by someone else. Have […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf (release date)

Looks like the latest animal crossing game has been given a launch date. The game called Animal Crossing New Leaf is for the 3DS and will release June 9th in North America and June 14th in Europe. Now all the animal crossing lovers can sqeee in unison. I am not allowed to like the game […]

PatMan “Plays” 3DS Swapnote. Starring members of the Wpod crew!

Welcome once again to another “shaky cam” PatMan plays video. This time around I am less playing and more watching as I mess around with the latest free app for Nintendo 3DS users, Swapnote ! In the last few days I have been receiving some cool 3D messages, pictures and drawings from members of the Wpod crew, […]

PatMan Plays: Mario Kart 7. Staring PatMan’s Mii !

My favorite Mario Kart title of all time was on the Nintendo DS. It took all the fun of a console Mario Kart racer and, for the first time, actually made it possible to feel like I was playing a console Mario Kart on a hand held. Not to mention the fact that Mario Kart DS was the very first Nintendo game to go online, […]

Glasenator reviews Super Mario 3D Land

  Nintendo’s newest Mario game was finally released last Sunday. But does the plumber’s latest adventure justify the purchase of a 3DS; and more importantly, does the 3D actually work?  Take a look inside to see how Super Mario 3D Land stacks up to past games of the franchise.

PatMan Plays : Super Mario 3D Land. First Impressions!

I don’t think there is a single Super Mario platform game that I have not played and enjoyed. However, to be honest, Super Mario 3D Land is probably my most anticipated Super Mario platform game in a long, long time. Its the first  true , “real 3DS game”, created from the ground up specifically to utilize the 3DS unique hardware. This […]

Blue Marine & Land Master Return In Latest StarFox 64 3D Trailer.

Starfox 64 3D is looking pretty slick on the 3DS. Not only is the 3D effect impressive , ok you may have to trust me on that if you don’t own a 3DS to watch the trailers, but  also the visual improvements are  nicely done. Lets take a look at the latest trailer for the […]

3DS Gets A 3D Dungeon RPG ,Beyond the Labyrinth First Screens!

Out of the blue comes the announcement of a new RPG/ Dungeon exploration game for the Nintendo 3DS, called Beyond The Labyrinth. While I am not known for enjoying RPGS, nor am I a big fan of dungeon crawlers, this is great news for all the RPG fans out there so there is bound to […]