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PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. First Televised Ladder Match? Bad News Brown vs. Bret Hart.

Welcome back to another Stampede Wrestling classic encounter as we again travel back in the pro wrestling time machine and return to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This time around I have discovered what could very well be the first ever televised ladder match. The ladder match is of course a very popular event made very famous in the […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith vs. Dynamite Kid. Before they were Bulldogs!

Its time once again to travel back into Calgary’s rich wrestling past for some classic Stampede action. This time around I have a match showcasing the members of my favorite tag team of all time, the famous British Bulldogs. Or should I say future favorite tag team of all time. The catch is, this match […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. The Bushwhackers VS Bret & Keith Hart.

Welcome yet again to another trip down Stampede Wrestlings historic and classic past. As Ed Whalen would perfectly put it, last week I had a “Malfunction at the junction”, but I am back this week for a ” Ring-A-Ding-Dong-Dandy!”. This time around lets have a look at tag team wrestling in the form of two […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Bill Kazmaier vs Ted Arcidi .Powerlifting Competition!

Welcome to another episode of classic wrestling, Stampede Style! This time around I am featuring something a little different than my usual old school wrestling matches. Don’t worry, all the dungeon trained future super stars and Stampede alumni will return to wrestle it out for our enjoyment next time. Today, I am featuring a “strong […]

Patman Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Dr. D David Shultz vs Nick Bockwinkle

Welcome again to another fun trip back in pro wrestling history. Today we will visit a match involving one of Stampedes biggest stars at this point time, Dr. D David Shultz. Although a star in places like AWA, WWF, Japan and Stampede Wrestling , Dr. D is probably most famous for his big mouth both […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith VS Bret Hart.

Its that time again people, its time for some classic wrestling action. Welcome to another journey back in time as we explore Stampede Wrestlings great historic past. This time around lets watch a very good match between 2 former wrestlers from the Calgary promotion who were actually WWF employees at the time battling it out […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics: Bad News Allen (Brown) vs Owen Hart.

Welcome to another episode of classic wrestling here at As usual, we will travel back in time once again to our destination of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of Stampede Wrestling! This time its Owen Hart, the future WWF tag team champion, “slammy” award winner and the man destined to become the “king of Harts” in the WWF. His opponent in this match is […]

Patman Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Young Bret Hart vs AWA World Champ Nick Bockwinkle.

One of the great things about Stampede Wrestling was its inter promotional matches. Many classic encounters took place in Calgary between the Stampede roster and champions from other wrestling territories such as the AWA, NWA, Japan and even other Canadian organizations. Here is a classic encounter out of Stampede Wrestlings rich past thats bound to […]

G Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics: Summerslam 1994

Once again G has invaded your regularly scheduled PatMan Picks Saturday throw back to the Stampede Wrestling article. Yep, and once again I am here to screw it up by referencing a promotion that is not the one from Calgary. This week, we go way back to 1994 and the fallout from WrestleMania X.

PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. The British Bulldogs vs Cuban Commandos.

I loved watching tag team wrestling as a kid as there were some amazing and entertaining tag teams in many territories. Teams like the Road Warriors, Can Am connection, Killer Bees, Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik and the Hart Foundation top my list of top tag teams from the past. However one tag team […]