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Smackdown 12/06/13

Well, here we are again. Yes, it’s Friday. I started off my day driving through the snowy tundra hell that Calgary has become over the last week in search of a drill bit set for my Dad. Then I had the delight of appearing on an upcoming special episode of RWR with Alice Radley. Then, […]

Smackdown 11/22/13: Go Away Show.

Since I have things that force me to only appear briefly on BWF Radio 101 this Sunday, I plan on making this the worst best G’s-non-present Smackdown review ever. It will still be better than the RAW review, of course, but I assure you, it will suck. And no, this is not just a swerve […]

Smackdown 11/15/13

Introduction goes here, I guess. Oh and make sure you check out BWF Radio this Sunday where we celebrate our second episode in one hundred years! It’s going to be a show! Hopping time…

Smackdown 11/08/13

Hey look who is back. Just like Cena, I can’t stay away. The WWE has injured my brain, and you know what that means… Hopping time…

Smackdown 10/18/13: Because, you know. They have a show on Friday.

I’m already disinterested. Let’s see if the WWE changes my attitude, shall we? Hopping time…

Smackdown 10/11/13

I’m probably going to get heat for saying, “I told you so.” That’s right, on BWF Radio last Sunday (2PM EST), I mentioned that the main event would be a draw, as did a bunch of other people including ThinkSoJoE. Was it worth $55? No. Do you deserve a refund for consuming the whole thing? […]

Smackdown 10/04/13: Battleground Go Away Edition

Once again we find ourselves at the door of another WWE PPV, like a girl scout hoping the person answering will buy some cookies, only to have the door open and said cookies snatched from our hands by some god damned cookie stealing motherfucker. That’s right, the WWE wants you $55 and they for some […]

Smackdown 09/13/13

Here we are for a go home Smackdown before Night of Champions. There’s very few matches announced for the PPV, however. Let’s see if they add a couple more at the last minute, or choose to do that unannounced on Sunday. Seriously, this is not the way to garner a buy rate, WWE. Do you […]

Smackdown 09/06/13

Hey, it’s Smackdown again. You’d think it’s been a week or something… slowly drifting into slumber… Oh man, I hope we get this on tonight’s episode!

Smackdown 08/30/13

Preamble is cut due to time. I had to work late… work rate? You know what time it is…