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MPX Back to School-August 18, 2012

MPX’s Back to School is in the books. (See what I did there?) Thanks to the characteristic awful traffic, epically torrential weather and WTF side-road configuration, I ended up getting there late and halfway into the dark match. So sorry to Tad Wylde & Kros/City for missing it.

MPX-Indeed 5/26/12

I still remember when I decided I wanted to support indy wrestling and sent a message to my buddy and told me about this new place he had started working. I remember how small and “work-in-progress” this company was. But they concentrated on their strengths: great characters and storylines that kept you coming back. Tonight […]

Metroplex Wrestling 4-14-12 “WASP is Gonna Kill You”

I’m going to be honest. They did not draw as well as they usually did. So I think I wasn’t expecting that great of a show. But I learned it’s not the size of the crowd. It’s how “on-fire” that crowd is. Less than two weeks ago, we saw how one crowd could carry an […]

MPX Retribution 9-10-11

Well, MPX’s most recent show is in the books. First of all, this had to have been their top-drawing card. I’m not exactly sure what brought the people out tonight: Mike Foxx, Athena, a casket match, the buzz over MPX in general. This is filling up a void in the DFW area for the good, […]

MPX Scars and Tattoos 7-16-11

So tonight was MPX’s Scars and Tattoos. Right now I’m in reflection mode, but I think this might have been MPX’s best show top to bottom. It was hot. Duh! It’s July in Texas. The crowd was a little out of it because of the heat.