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PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Gangstar Rio: City Of Saints

Are you eagerly anticipating the next big Grand Theft Auto game to come your way to home consoles? Have you finished every Saints Row game there is, but you still want more? While the wait for another console version of Grand Theft Auto might still be a little whiles away ,on your iPhone there is […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Truckers Delight.

Have you ever found yourself driving down the highway, wondering to your self what it would be like to race around recklessly in a big rig? Or, how about getting passed by some dip-shit in an expensive red sports car who thinks they own the road?  Have you been given ” the finger” by someone?  I bet you wished you had an […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Outland Games.

If you were ever a fan of  the downloadable game Monday Night Combat then you should probably check out the iOS title Outland Games. It is set in that same universe and even has a few recognizable characters in it from the XBL Arcade game . Outland Games is a fun little runner with a sense of humor . […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Hope. The Other Side Of Adventure.

I am betting that as gamers we all have spent countless hours adventuring, platforming ,grinding and fighting our way towards one single goal.  That goal, of course, is saving a princess from captivity. Games like Dragon’s Lair, Zelda and of course Super Mario come to mind right away but there have been countless others with the same […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Fruit Ninja

Here is a great free iOS game for you to download this weekend. You may have heard of it, Fruit Ninja?  Of course you have heard of it, it is only one of the most popular iOS games of all time. If, for some reason, you have never picked up this classic and addicting game […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Fairune

So, it is the weekend and we have all survived another week at work, time to unwind and what better way than with another FREE iPhone game. This time its a fun little old school inspired 2D, retro /action/ puzzler/ adventure game by the name of Fairune. If you played games back in “the day” that […]

Watch The Familiar Yet Impressive First 5 Mins Of Oceanhorn on iOS.

  While I’m a fan of iPhone games, especially the cheap price tags they come with, I usually don’t watch  upcoming games with any anticipation as they are being developed. Oceanhorn however, is an exception. The game just looks gorgeous and although it borrows a LOT from the Legend of Zelda games that’s not necessarily a […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Frontline Commando: D-Day

Once again I have stumbled across a very nice looking and decently controlling mobile game that won’t cost you anything. It is called “Frontline Commando D Day”, and not only is it available on iOS, but our friends with androids can join the fun as well this time ! About 3 or 4 years ago […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone games. Sonic Dash.

What is going on people? PatMan is back and, of course, that means the FREE iOS game picks are back as well. This time a new runner with a very famous character has gone free for a limited time. That famous character is the one and only Sonic and the game is called Sonic Dash. […]

PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. I, Gladiator

I am back with another free iPhone game for your enjoyment this fine weekend .  Do you like blood, gore and violence? Well good, because I have a free game for you then. I gladiator has gone free, but as usual it is for limited time. It’s a nice looking cell shaded hack and slash […]