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Biff Zongo: Total War: Shogun 2 vs. God

Biff Zongo: People Suck!

Fredrik: I actually really enjoyed movies like “Das Leben der Anderen”, “Good Bye, Lenin!” and some of the films of Werner Herzog. So I’m not dissing German art house cinema. No one in this comic is really mean on purpose, it’s just different strokes for different folks. Relatives buy noisy toys to my 2-year-old ALL […]

Biff Zongo: The Evil Eel

Fredrik: Suddenly i feel the urge french kiss a car battery.

Biff Zongo: Prison Bitch

  Fredrik: This is life. Sad, but truer than we might want to realize.

Biff Zongo: Porn or Cookies?

Fredrik: What can I say? I really wanted a cookie today. I have tried to cut back on cookies, candy and soda lately… And it has started to effect my sexual fantasies. All girls are covered in cookies and cream now. You can’t be mad at Stingo. For a slimy space mutant this is an […]

Biff Zongo: Singles

Biff Zongo: AIDS

Fredrik: I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Biff Zongo: Wishes for a Better World

Fredrik: This is basically me. Every time I try to write something serious, it turns to hookers and heroin after the three first lines. It’s a disorder.

Biff Zongo: Feng Shui vs. Other Crap

Fredrik: I’m no expert, but I would say 3-0 to Feng Shui.

Biff Zongo: Dada-Gogo!!

Fredrik: To my understanding this is what my son is trying to tell me.