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Smackdown 03/07/14

In all fairness, I could give two shits about tonight’s episode. But here goes nothing. Too late to get someone else to do it.

Smackdown 02/28/14

This doesn’t look like the Olympics. There is no way this is Assassin’s Creed 4. I am fairly certain this is not hockey, so what in the hell is this insufferable crap on my television? Sigh, god damn Smackdown time, here we go… wee? Hopping time…

Smacktrack Speedskating 02/21/14

Well, it’s official. Bieber is now the US’s problem. Good. Now people who follow the show on Sunday know that we talk a bit of hockey, and myself and the US gents have a rivalry. Granted, the Canadians beat the US for Gold in women’s hockey, and ousted the men. But both games were great […]

Smackdownhill Slalom 02/14/14

More Olympics, less road to WrestleMania. Blah blah blah, maybe something will make me stop and hit play…. TONIGHT?!?! Hopping time…

Smackdown 01/31/14

Who quits the WWE forever… tonight!?!?!?!??

Smackdown 01/24/14: I think they seriously want to lose last minute PPV buys…


Smackdown 01/17/14

To prevent the animated gifs from crashing out your 486 and BBS dial-up connection, the Smackdown review is available here and here.

Smackdown 01/10/14

Due to bandwidth restrictions, this is available here, or here.

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 106

Jorge returns and… the show goes less than two hours?!?  Yes folks, Joe, JT, G, Jorge, and Mark return to tell you all about the wonderful week that was in professional wrestling, including RAW, IMPACT, and SmackDown reviews and all the latest professional wrestling news.  Will Brock Lesnar return for one more UFC fight?  Cowboy […]

Smackdown 12/27/13

Holidays. They happen. The question is Taco or No Taco (hint, check out that article). By default, I will watch this show. Maybe the answer to that question will be discovered? Maybe… Hopping time…