The Bound for Glory series-TNA Impact Review, Pintnoir be pimpin’

We open the show on a Ultimate X match Aries vs Sabin vs Ion, sitting at home watching Chris Sabin back in his element was a welcome reprieve that was until Sabin tore is other ACL putting him back on the shelf. Aries retains with Hogan coming out to praise Aries before telling him that he would have to vacate the title to have a match against Bobby Roode at Destination X.

Bye Bye X division.

The push of Hernandez continues with a match against the television champion Devon. Its short and Hernandez really only botched one spot before being put down by Devon. Keep the belts away from Hernandez, Robbie E etc.

The bound for glory series featured the return our yours and my Pope D’angelo Dinero makes his return.

Pope be pimpin’ yes indeed.
And then James Storm came in and cleaned house and won. First Crimson and now 20 points in the BFG series. Go Cowboy!

New Knockout Champion Gail Kim Ms Tessmacher took on Madison “In love with who?” Rayne. I hear crickets but I digress. She (being Tessmacher) wins. This is where we need some more knockouts to make the surroundings look better, I’ve seen Madison Rayne too much.

Okay I don’t mind as much
Sunday Night saw the victoy of the “Asshole’ Ken Anderson over Hardy and RVD. I waited to see where this story would go since Hardy and RVD had storylines with Roode where as Anderson had a one off match from a couple of months ago.

This was a good match where Roode went over Anderson using the crossface and could possibly set up a any number of scenarios for Anderson afterwards. Or with Anderson tapping out will just close a door on that stretch for Roode who has been dealing with Hardy, RVD and Anderson for some time now and leave him clear for Austin Aries to feud with him over the remaining summer until Storm gets to him.

Questions I have are what will become of the X-division once Aries leaves? No Sabin, Sorenson or Nese. But we have Xema Ion and Mark Haskins? Need some new blood.

Until next week, PNTNR out!!!!

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2 Responses to “The Bound for Glory series-TNA Impact Review, Pintnoir be pimpin’”

  1. _G_ says:

    Here's how the BFG series works this time around according to TNA:


    Twelve IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars battle in grueling series of matches with the ultimate prize on the line – a World Championship Match in the main event at October’s “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View spectacular, our biggest event of the year! The wrestler with the most points at the end of the Bound For Glory Series wins and advances to the Bound For Glory main event!

    The 12 Competitors
    Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, Robbie E, Magnus, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, D'Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy, Daniels and "Cowboy" James Storm

    How to Get Points
    Points are determined by wins and losses – how you win is equally as important!

    Submission Victory – 10 points
    Pinfall Victory – 7 points
    Countout Victory – 5 points
    Disqualification Victory – 3 points
    Draw (Time Limit/Double Countout/Double Disqualification) – Two points
    Disqualification Lose – you LOSE 10 points

    The Type of Matches
    Each wrestler will battle each other ONCE in the series! These matches will take place over IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV and on TNA’s live event tours across the country, with the point structure outlined above.

    Standings and How to Win!
    The standings will be updated on The standings will be “locked” on the September 6 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV. The top point leaders advance to No Surrender PPV (9/9) for a one-night playoff to see who gets the Bound For Glory World Title Match!

    Check back to in the coming weeks for news and updated point standings!

  2. Phil says:

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    Outdoor camping has never been so much fun!