Steam Summer Sale Plan Leaked

When Steam has a sale my wallet is usually begging for mercy fifteen minutes after it starts. So when rumors began to crop up of a summer sale, I prepared my wallet with daily flogging. First it was just rumored, a whisper here and there. Then I heard the date July 12th being thrown around on Twitter. It was at that point I was a happy man. I knew that on the date mentioned I could check Steam and see what was going on. There was nothing else I needed to know. Apparently a date isn’t enough for some people

According to CVG¬†among others, the list of sale items has been found by humanoids sifting through back end files. Personally I really don’t see the point. Are we so impatient that we can’t just wait until the sale starts? This is the part of gamerdom I will never quite understand. The impatience just makes no sense to me. That said if you want to know exactly how much of a loan you need for the sale click the link and read away. For the record I didn’t read it. I am fine with waiting.

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