Minecraft Madness

I have been playing minecraft off and on since it made it big. It is a fun little sand box game and thanks to the boys at Penny Arcade, the whole world knows about it. In that time I have built many kingdoms, ranging from tiny shacks to my latest monstrosity.  I thought it was high time I show off my work. Granted I am not the greatest design wizard, but I have a lot of fun. Photo goodness after the more.

First image I want to show you is a giant mistake I made the other day. Never hit the wrong button when working on a wooden building. By the way the stupid sheep was a victim of the fire, as far as you know.

Sadly, there is nothing left of my poor wooden tower. It was going to be a creeper brothel. You will notice in the background my “subway” station. Unfortunately the mine tunnel is a bit filled with lava and spiders at the moment.

Taken from the top of my subway station. As you can see the tracks go down the hole. I can jump in a mine cart and ride all the way to the end of the tracks without any assistance. Sadly I had an accident with some Lava and the subway is closed for the time being.

In this screen shot you can see my hunting lodge, fishing pond and gateway to hell. I use the gateway to collect ever burning fire blocks. Think of them as presto logs from hell. The hunting lodge is shaped like and arrow and named the Stabbin Cabin, by my zombie servants.

This is the castle that started the hole mess. I built the castle minus the tall tower on top. Then I decided, it needed a look out tower. From up there I can see for miles. It is the schlong tower in case your curious.

The final photo in this minecraft post. This is the first floor or the castle. Complete with hell lights, storage bins and floor tiles. Cozy and safe from bloody zombies. Hope you enjoyed your little tour or my minecraft kingdom.  Be sure to come back real soon.

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