PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Killer Bean Unleashed

I have played a fair number of 2D inspired platform/actions games since I bought my iPhone 4S. Most of these titles were, of course, free. And while these little games are fun, the truth is most of them lacked a main character that had any real depth. Most platform games, or action platform games on iOS have pretty uninspired and bland main characters. They are certainly no comparison to Sonic, Mario, RayMan or  even Bonk for that matter. So, when I downloaded Killer Bean Unleashed I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a character that I actually found interesting, funny, and worth playing as. Sure this former assassin Bean is not in the same league as the for mentioned icons , but its a step in the right direction of iPhone action/platform games. Killer Bean Unleashed is a nice looking and fun to play action game with a  lot of platform elements. Shoot your way across levels while collection power ups , health and ammo. Simple and fun. It is free to download and yes has the option of micro transactions to make life more easy for your gaming needs. But unlike some free titles, the micro transactions are not needed to finished the game, or so the developer would like to say. They will help you out a lot and perhaps make the game more fun and less frustrating and whats .99 cents anyways? One of the ways the game is staying free is by asking you to download other free games when your in-between levels. Although a little bit of an annoyance if it keeps the game free its well worth it. So, check out some in game screens I took below and check out Killer Bean Unleashed !

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