Halo CE 3D & Battlefield 3 to come out late this year.

Hold on to your controler,  there are 2 big FPS coming out in the end of 2011 that you may be interested in. The first should come as no suprise,it has been rumored to be in development for a while now, Halo CE remake. The catch is, its going to be in 1080p HD and have 3D support. It is also rumored to have co-op online and a control scheme more like Halo reach. According to both 1Up and Joystiq , Halo: Combat Evolved remake is in development at the  TimeShift game developer,  Saber Interactive. I didn’t really think that the demo for Timeshift was that great, so this is both a little surprising and worrying for me, why not have some MS in house developer make it? I hope this is not the start of slutting out the Halo franchise just to get a Halo game out once every year. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

The second FPS that I am interested in learning more about is Battlefield 3.  I very much enjoy online shooters made by this developer, DICE. I have not played all the battlefield series, however of those that I have played both online and off line they are a great change of pace from the faster paced games like COD and  Halo, with a big emphasis on team work and strategy. The game will support for up to 64 players if you are playing it on your powerful PC. Console owners will not have such a large number of players, and it has yet to be announced, but I would guess maybe 24- 28 players.  There are not a lot of details at the moment concerning battlefield 3, however I do have a teaser that has just been released on youtube for you to watch and, well be teased I suppose.

I personally look forward to learning more about both the Halo CE 3D remake and Battlefield 3 in the upcoming months!

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2 Responses to “Halo CE 3D & Battlefield 3 to come out late this year.”

  1. Bruce McGee says:

    I don't see myself getting the Halo remake. A new Battlefield game is one to keep an eye on. I just hope they do some different things this time with BF. Not holding my breath obviously

  2. gamer manX says:

    Halo 3D may hurt the gamer manX in the eyes !!!!!

    Can we t-bag in 3d???