Welcome To Fannish!

May I introduce you to Wonderpod Online’s new video show – ‘Fannish’. A series where I delve into games, movies, events, and anything related to the sub culture of awesomeness.

In the first episode I look at the PS One classics that have just hit the PS Store for the PS Vita (below).

If you have an awesome gaming collection, involved in an event, involved in cosplay, or anything that you think would be great for an episode of ‘Fannish’, then please drop me a line in the comment box below, or on YouTube and I will get in touch.

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5 Responses to “Welcome To Fannish!”

  1. PatMan says:

    Great video, now get your arse UP the tree!

  2. PatMan says:

    This is NO PLACE FOR MONKEY BUSINESS…wait what did I just say….

  3. Chris Lloyd says:


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