Zombie Apocalypse Part 2 (LFT minecraft server)

Time for the second and final installment of the Zombie night on the LFT server. In this video we learn that zombies aren’t the only dicks wandering the darkened streets of Glaserton. I will apologize in advance for not capturing the actual troll attack very well. Kind of hard when idiot douche puppets are trying to fill your face with arrows. To me this video gives you a general idea of how the night went from scary zombie fun to annoying idiot theater. Honestly wished it hadn’t gone down this way, but what you going to do. Trolls gonna troll!!!!

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One Response to “Zombie Apocalypse Part 2 (LFT minecraft server)”

  1. Zombies in Minecraft quite interesting .Probably I was also seeking for a zombie to enter in my house . 🙂