PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Temple Run 2.

Endless runners. Yeah, I know, they are a dime a dozen on iOS. Ever since the original Temple Run became a massive success on  iOS, uninspired developers have regurgitated clone after clone of similar looking and playing titles , in hopes of getting a quick buck. Some of them are actually pretty decent, but most Temple Run copies fall short of the fun and quality that the original Temple Run has. So, when Temple Run 2 came out I was hardly excited to see another Endless Runner, yet at least I knew the game would be decent quality. Turns out the game is free for download, relying instead on gamers to pay small transactions in game if they want to make life easy for themselves. So I gave the game a spin( if it is FREE it is for ME) and I actually do  like it. I mean, if your going to give a Temple Run clone a try, why not the true sequel to the original? While I know that some of you are fed up with the whole gametype, and I don’t blame you one bit, it seems that the masses are not tired of it. With over 20 million downloads on iOS in its first week or so, Temple Run 2 is going to insure that the “Endless Runner” game will be around for years  and years to come. Like it or not. Check out some screens below and see you all next time!


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  1. Temple run 2 says:

    wonderful game , its a very interesting game