Wonderpod Episode 143

Time for a brand new Wonderpod. The second show of the has returned to the ancient ritual of years previous. Meaning there is some ranting, crude humor and a little feel good thrown in. In other words same insanity, new week. Enjoy the show

Steam box round 2

Nintendo direct recap/roundup

Oh no he’s ranting again

Bungies helps out

yarn Yoshi is running wild

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2 Responses to “Wonderpod Episode 143”

  1. Pat Man says:

    Another good show guys. Steambox’s discussion was good but really without any more details ,it’s hard to have a final judgment on the system. I’m thinking that half-life three will be a timed exclusive on the system probably six months.

    The new 3-D Mario game from the makers of Mario galaxy is going to be awesome on the WiiU . You were incorrect Bruce in implying that you have to pay for your virtual console games a second time. If you use the wii channel you can play all your virtual console games without having to pay for them again, however , if you want added features to these virtual console games ,including being able to play on the tablet and miiverse interaction ,you have to pay $.99 more I think

  2. BruceMcGee says:

    Actually the report i was reading didn't explain it real well. All it said was it would cost you the fee if you wanted to download virtual console games again. Left out the parts about the wii channel etc. So my bad on that bit of infor