News Roundup 2/13/13

Quite a bit of interesting news today. So lets just slap it all together in one big old roundup. Never know this kind of thing might catch on. For those of you that wanted to read three to five different posts I can help. Just click on this one a bunch of time. Now onward to news like items

Yesterday I posted a bunch of rumors regarding Bungie. Fast forward to today and Bungie has confirmed that they will be announcing the game Destiny on Feburary 17th. Have some details.

Strange news coming out of Valve. No it’s not about Gabe eating people. Although that would be hilarious. It appears up to twenty five people were given the boot. Including several hardware development folks. You have to wonder if the Steam Box has sprung a leak. Possibly its taking on water rapidly. Insert your own Titanic joke here. Speaking of Titanic according to the site Develop, there is speculation that Jason Holtman, director of business has also left. Considering where I dredged up this story lets take it with a pinch or two of salt. Sorry no time for fact checking and like anyone else on the internet does. Given this is speculation its to early to say what this means for Valve overall. Still it can’t be anything positive for the company can it?

Jonkind type people rejoice. According to this post from CVG the kitty dragons aren’t dead yet. Game developer Fumito Ueda, the Last Guardian is still rolling along. Click the link for his quotes and to keep the dreaded copy pasta disease from spreading. Looks this game is either being held back for the PS4 or it’s on a Japanese milk carton.

On a closing note. Could someone please get Cliffy B back to work at a game company. He is more annoying semi retired than even anyone thought was possible.

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