PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. My Virtual Girlfriend.

Poor, poor PatMan. He is ever so lonely today on Valentines day. But wait, what is THIS? Not only a  FREE iOS game, but also a virtual girlfriend to take with me, where ever I go? Even on the can? Even if I fart? Hot dam! For today only (which is probably a good thing) My Virtual Girlfriend is FREE to download. Its a pretty silly Virtual game where you answer some questions about yourself and then about what you like in a woman. After this, presto magico, you have a brand new iPhone girlfriend! If I ONLY knew it was that simple back in high-school I would have never gone to that prom alone! Ok we didn’t have iPhones back then but you get the picture. Man where was this back when I was single?? Anyways give the ” game ” a download if just for a laugh to show your pals. My first VR Girlfriend dumped me VERY fast because I was poking her boobies constantly ( Pat Tip- do  NOT poke the boobies constantly)! But my next one was absolutely great. She is a virtual gamer geek, loves Yoda and likes a bit of affection, and she laughs at my jokes, I think I may just be in love. This might sound a bit , I don’t know crazy, but I am thinking about separating from my wife so that I can continue my relationship on my iPhone with her, to be honest. Anyways check it out , give it a fun laugh, see how far you can go with a virtual girl, and look at the screens I took below. Oh and ladies, don’t be jealous,  My Virtual Boyfriend is ALSO free today, so there is always that. Yeah , I am sure you are all downloading it now. It can not be any worse than the boyfriend you have now I bet.  See you all on the flip side!


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2 Responses to “PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. My Virtual Girlfriend.”

  1. Mike says:

    You are too funny!
    Good show.

    • Pat Man says:

      Thanks. Unfortunately , my wife got wind of the VR relationship I am enjoying with my girl and she infected her with the Z virus. Now my dream virtual girlfriend is a zombie. But, we still see each other , I’m trying not to judge her because she is now hungry for brains…,