PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Fairune

So, it is the weekend and we have all survived another week at work, time to unwind and what better way than with another FREE iPhone game. This time its a fun little old school inspired 2D, retro /action/ puzzler/ adventure game by the name of Fairune. If you played games back in “the day” that this title is inspired by you are in for a nice  walk down memory lane. If not , well now it is your chance to experience a taste of old school for free on your mobile device of choice!  The game is also out on Android, not sure if it is free or not, but Android users should check it out none the less. Below you will find the trailer for Fairune  that you need to check out. I am pretty early into it myself to say if it will really last on my iPhone for very long, but you know the drill people….. If it’s FREE  it’s for ME!  Have fun playing all the free mobile games and see you all on the flip side!


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