Achieving is better when you’re not doing it in school.

This year I have been focussing on my pile of shame. Games that have built up over the years which i’ve bought and just haven’t gotten around to playing through. These past few months alone i’ve gone through all the Gears Of Wars, Killzones, Uncharted, etc. I am getting there!

Not ever being one to hunt out achievements in games, or care much about gamerscores, I found myself missing them while getting stuck into some of the older games like Silent Hill (PSOne) and Wipeout (PSOne). Then I realised that achievements have always been about in some form.


Die hard Trilogy is probably one of my favourite games ever. Not only am I a huge fan of the films but as a poor teen and not having disposable income, I had to rely on Birthdays and Christmas for new games. Die Hard Trilogy was actually three different games in one. Sorted.

After completing these three games several times over, i used to play through but set my own side missions or things to achieve while playing through.One of my favourites was to go through the game, and smash every window in a level before I finished it, or just go through a level just using the handgun, and so on.

Love or despise achievements, they have always existed in some form, whether it be officially, or created by the player.

Can you think of any games that you remember setting your own kind of achievements in? If so, leave them in the comments below. It’d be quite interesting to see if anyone had the same goals in the same games.

Chris Lloyd. Over and out!




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One Response to “Achieving is better when you’re not doing it in school.”

  1. PatMan says:

    I used to set goals or achievements playing Goldeneye on the N64 with one of my friends. Just little things like not alerting any guards or playing with just a pistol as far as we could go.