Patman Picks Most Anticipated E3 Games This Year. The “Triple R” Developers.

E3 is right around the corner and to say that gamers are excited , hell to say that I’m excited , is an understatement. This is an absolutely huge E3 as we will be seeing Next GEN games for the first time on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. We will also be seeing at E3, hopefully, the games that will “save” the Nintendo WiiU from absolute obscurity, or so I hope.  Naturally, gamers are  getting VERY excited . We want to see the classics like Halo, Mario Kart , Fable , and the new Call of Duty.  And while I have to admit I’m excited about these games , I’m even more excited about what is coming from what I will call the “Triple R ” developers: Retro , Respawn and Rare.

Rumor has it that a classic game franchise will return from Rarewares great past ,perhaps even launch with the Xbox one. The exciting thing is we don’t know what game it is. Could it  be another Conker, Killer Instinct or maybe even a “true Banjo” platform game?  My money is on Killer Instinct 3 as MS has secured the copyright for the games just recently, but I want another banjo ,to be honest. Either way, I’m excited to find out which one it is. What if…it is Battle Toads?

Respawn entertainment has some of the best first-person shooter development talent on the planet ,but we have heard and seen absolutely nothing from the former call of duty developers in  several years. That will all change at this year’s E3 and I’m excited for what ever they announce . Lets face it , is bound to be good, even if its a space shooter as recently suggested and recently leaked on the internet. Whatever it is I am waiting to find out with great anticipation.

The final “R ” is for Retro , whose last game Donkey Kong Country Returns was absolutely brilliant. Of course, they’re most famous for the amazing Metroid  Prime series which somehow recreated the great 2D feel of Metroid and brought it into the First person 3D world. We have no idea what they been up to, but we’re about to find out E3 this year, or at least that is the rumor.  I hope it’s the rumored new Star Fox game because they could make one hell of a fun experience out of it ,but something tells me it’s going to be another great  Metroid title, which is fine by me.  Again, I just want to find out what the game will be!

So there you have it , the “triple R developers” that I’m really looking forward to seeing make announcements at this years E3 . Only a few more days to find out, and that boys and girls makes Pat Man a  very happy gamer indeed.

See you all on the flip side !

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  1. Matt Foley says:

    Maybe Diddy still lives? Perhaps in a van, down by the river?