PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Tabletop Racing

What is going on people?  It is another glorious weekend and, as usual, with it comes  another free  iOS game. So why not play a fun and free game where ever your weekend takes you?  If you are fast enough,you’ll be able to pick up the fun little iPhone racer ” Tabletop Racing”  for absolutely free.  It went free yesterday and I imagine by Monday I’ll be back up to it’s $1.99 price tag, so you  will want download this one quickly. Tabletop Racing is a pretty fun little racing game with great visuals and a good variety of gameplay including solo racing ,challenge modes and Mario Kart inspired modes as well where you will be picking up power up cubes and using special abilities to try and win your way to first place.  Chances are you’ll be entertained in this fun and challenging little  miniature racing world. The title looks great and controls decently, albeit not perfectly. As usual, I took screenshots while playing  the game so check them out below, will ya?   Until next time,  see you all on the flip-side !


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