PatMan Plays Infinity Blade 2. Under $1, For The Rest Of June.

The original Infinity Blade was , for its time , the most impressive iPhone game ever made. With visuals on par with consoles yet game play specifically crafted for short bursts of handheld gaming, it was and still is a great iOS title. Then came it’s sequel, Infinity Blade 2, with even more impressive graphics and slight updates to the original game play mechanics.  For some reason, I haven’t bothered playing the sequel until yesterday. That is when it dropped in price for under a dollar. Then, I just have to give it a spin. I suggest any iPhone user with a dollar on their iTunes account pick this one up before it goes back up in price in July. As usual, I’ve taken in game screenshots which you can view below.



Our very own Jonkind described Infinity Blades game play very well on a past episode of wonderpod  podcast,  just don’t ask me which episode as I am no longer keeping track of every detail since I  stopped being a regular on the show. Jon’s description of an almost modern-day, touch controlled , Punch Out experience was,however, very accurate. You basically battle wave after wave of enemies while figuring out the attack patterns , weak spots , when to block and when to attack. The experience is almost identical in Infinity Blade 2 , although now there is a little more emphasis on upgrading and looting . Also ,you also can switch your shield for an extra weapon for an all  offense style of attack.  Of course the great visuals are still there and are probably even better than ever . The soundtrack , music effects and sounds are very good as well. Infinity Blade 2 is everything that was good about the first game with slight refinements. It offers very little that is different from the original, but that is not necessarily a bad thing when you are playing in very short burst.  Pick this up if you have not already, after all for under a dollar you can’t go wrong !  Go get downloading before July, you won’t regret it!


See you all on the flip-side!


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