Wonderpod Highlight Reel !

Welcome ,once again, to another Wonderpod Video Highlight Reel. This time around I give you a short taste of episode 51, our most current episode. I was unable to attend this recording, but Bruce put together a great show. This one is a special episode because it serves as in introduction to our newest contributor, Jonkind. I have been enjoying Jonkinds work  for a while now and I think you will really like his work on video games, wrestling, movies and more. Look for content coming from him soon right here on the main page. As for now, enjoy the highlight reel and if you have not subscribed on iTunes  please do so and give us a rating, will ya?  Also don’t be shy and send us a friend request on Facebook or look up past episodes at archive.org and enjoy all the site has to offer everyday! Enjoy a quick sample of our latest episode and I will see you on the next episode of Wonderpod soon! Thanks for your support , as always.

A very nice looking Wonderpod logo .

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