Patman Picks Free iPhone Games. World Of Aircraft.

Do you like World War II games? Do you like air combat ?  Now, do you like free, for a limited time?  If you answered ” yes” to any of these questions then  I suggest you go to the App Store and download “World of Aircraft”  as soon as you can because this game will have all those bases covered and more.  World of Aircraft has gone free, but it probably won’t stay free for long.  I am very early in but it looks like a fun little game to play this weekend in your spare time. Visuals are nice and the controls are decent enough. Why not have a little free air combat on your iPhone? Because as mentioned, I am pretty early into the game and I will not be posting screenshots. Instead of  my usual in game screenshots I’m going to post  the launch trailer below for the game.  Take a look at it and I am pretty sure you will be playing this freebie for the rest of the weekend in your travels.  I’ll be back next time for another FREE iPhone game. Until then, see you all on the flip side!

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