PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Shiny The Firefly

 The weekend is upon us and what could be better than that?  Well how about a long weekend,  that’s what !  And while you’re enjoying your three days away from work, there’s a very nice iPhone game that is just gone free for the picking. “Shiny the firefly” will cost you nothing, so go download it right now. Sure the name of this game sounds pretty silly but rest assured  it is very fun , looks beautiful ,sounds great and controls well. I am having fun with this very nice looking game and as usual you just cant beat FREE.  I am once again very early into the game, so I will not post any screen shots. Instead, check out the gameplay trailer below. The trailer shows off the pretty visuals and the nice sound track . Have a great long weekend, enjoy this free iOS game and  I’ll see you on the flip side.

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