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Suprise! There is a brand spanking new Disney’s Duck Tales game coming out on iOS by the name of “Duck Tales Scrooges Loot”.  As a matter of fact, it is so new that most of you won’t be able to find it in your local app store at the time I post this preview.  But, if you are Canadian like me ,you can enjoy the “soft launch” right now of this “free to play” iOS game.

There have been some great Duck Tales cartoons and games in the past so, naturally, I was a bit excited when I heard about this brand-new title on iOS. Knowing absolutely nothing about it, I wondered what could it be?  Naturally, my first hope was another two dimensional platform game just like the classic one  that many gamers love.  Nope.  Duck Tales Scrooges Loot is NOT that game. I know, maybe it’s a physics  based puzzle game , they are popular on iOS, right? Nope. It’s NOT one of those games either. Hummm. Okay how about one of those endless runner games that are saturating the market, it’s got to be one of those, right? Nope again. Wow, did they go all out and create a 3-D platform game for iOS? Nope it is NOT that game either.  So, what the hell  IS it, if it’s not one of these obvious game type choices for a Duck Tails game? Well ,sit down if you are a fan of the old game and the cartoon, because you’re not gonna believe what Duck Tales Scrooges Loot is all about.


For some reason , some crazy developer thought that a third person perspective, squad-based, objective based ,shooter should be the next Duck Tales game!  I mean it only makes sense right? Probably the last choice I would’ve thought for making a Walt Disney Duck Tales game is coming very soon worldwide on iOS. I got to play it early and while it’s “okay” it sure wasn’t what I was expecting , nor what I  really want. The graphics are actually pretty darn good in this game and the music and voice acting is great. It really brings back memories from years ago. The controls are decent, but not perfect . Duck Tales Scrooges Loot  has a “virtual dual stick” control layout . Looking around  is done by swiping the screen.  These type of controls on an iPhone is never perfect, especially when there is a lot of action on screen.  Thus, by no surprise it’s not perfect here. But it is not bad either, to be honest and you can adjust for it at times.  Also, you can play this game online, if you feel like wasting your data plan , or you can play off-line with bots. In either case you are playing a  mission based, objected based, third person shooter game where you try to get Scrooges stolen gold back.Game play is fun enough for a few rounds, but I don’t see why  anyone wouldn’t play a more serious squad based game and not a Disney one.


 This game, with its completely unexpected gameplay style  just makes no sense. Why does it exist?   On the bright side it is free to download, so give it a shot, maybe someone out there will be pleasantly surprised with a square based mission based 3rd  person shooter in the Duck Tales Universe. I’m not one of them, and I’m betting there won’t be too many, but who knows.  See you all on the flipside!

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