Through The Wurm Hole (Part 2)


I have spent the last few weeks learning to build a house from scratch. Given my previous experience and skill set, I would never thought that was possible. Arcana is an interesting place to live. Besides Maria there are several other villagers here. Most of them keep to themselves as surviving in this world takes a lot of effort. We do have a priest in the village named Mickie, who cooks for us. The warning to that being that villagers must bring him meat. One thing I must make clear, outside the walls is a very dangerous place. In the weeks I have been here, I only ventured out four times. One of those trips led to my death. Seems strange to say, but even death doesn’t work right here. I shall try to explain.

Several nights ago the village was quiet and empty. Maria had led an expedition to the east looking for resources. Myself and the priest were the only ones left. I slipped out the southern gate in trying to harvest trees. I found a tree of the right type and set my axe to work. Without warning a large green giant lunged at me. I learned later that they are known as trolls. Thinking quickly I dashed for the gates, assuming I would be safe inside the walls. I was in no place to fight this beast one on one. My lack of knowledge of this strange new world caused me more problems. Once inside the walls I turned around to see the troll still chasing me. I started to run hoping the spirit guard would save me. Before the guard could materialize the troll bashed me twice with its huge club. My body crumbled to the ground mashed to a pulp. I knew I was dying and I began to worry how that was going to work. The thought of ending up at the token miles and miles from my new home scared me. Moments later I saw the blood-red vision and poof I was back in town.

You see, it seems that one can never truly die here. It does cause a blinding headache and memory loss. To the extent that any newly learned skills can be a bit fuzzy. I could hear the spirit guard waging war with the troll just a couple of terraces up from where I was. I unsheathed my sword and ran up to help the guard. Between the two of us we ended the battle and the village grew quiet. The spirit guard never acknowledged my presence just simply floated off on his rounds. It is my understanding that there are these types of guards in nearly every village on this planet. I walked home and started a fire knowing that I was done to my last few sticks of wood. Troll or not, I was going to need to venture outside the walls again soon.

That incident made me realize how lucky I am to be in a village like Arcana. That said, It is clear that I must learn more about defending myself. Ephraim told me I could trade work for the items I would need. Right now a better sword and some type of armor would be a good start. Sitting next to the warm fire cleared my mind, but I was still bothered by my failure to gather logs.

Right then I leaped up and grabbed my axe. Toward the village gates I ran. As I started cutting the first tree I realized one of my first keys to life in this world. Seize the moment and never let failure stop you. Within a few hours I had chopped and hauled a dozen logs back to my house. Both for firewood and future projects. Now it is time for me to make plans. Come up with goals for myself. The first thing I need to do is talk to Ephraim when he returns.


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