PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is finally out and PatMan has a reason to dust off the WiiU, put aside the Xbox One for a little while and have some good old fashioned Nintendo FUN. And fun it is. Mario Kart 8 may very well become my favorite game in the series. Technically speaking its outstanding. The HD visuals run at 60 frames/second but, unfortunately, Youtube only runs at 30 frames/ second so you are missing out on half the frames of animation. However, you still get the idea by watching the video below. Trust me when I tell you that the game looks absolutely amazing on a HDTV. Gameplay is as fun as ever and they don’t over use the anti gravity, the underwater or the flying aspects of racing. There are a lot of tracks both old and new to unlock with plenty of online multiplayer replayability, well, once they fix he usual first day bugs. And the replay/ theater mode is fun and simple. Its great fun to watch your replays backwards or in slow motion!  Anyways, here is a  few random videos I took tonight in one of my first games. It is a  retro track from the 3DS and one from way back on GBA. I will  post some videos of the all new tracks in the future. Posting these videos is absolutely painless, so expect some more in the weeks to come. See you all on the flip side. Oh and in case you are wondering who I am in these videos, I am Mario, he is always a good character to start off as.



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