Wonderpod Episode 210

We got a show for you this week. The things we had to do to just to get something on file. First off we added a brand new cast member. Second we had a number of technical issues even getting on Skype. This was not a clean show in any way shape or form. Still a great episode and special thanks to Quiglen!

Quiglen joins the party!

We detail the Skype adventure

E3 Live? There is no way that will ever happen

A plot with no plot.

We are going to do a live show. Does that count?

Traded to Scandinavia in a three country deal!

Nintendo profit-sharing part two

More lets play stuff

Wait Valve actually has a VR head set

This thing looks painful

Does Valve have to many irons in the fire?

You want privacy. Good luck

There goes rational thought

Hey y’all watch this

Cow water skiing

Do not try this at home!

Sequel hell

Jack Tretton on his post Sony travels.

Explains Sequel hell nicely

ALT F4 it bob, we got problems

Valve attempts to slip one by.

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