PatMan Plays Destiny. Even More Fun With A Friend.

What is going on people? My 16 day stretch away from work is almost at an end. In between my travels I did find a bit of time for Destiny. I even had the pleasure of teaming up with a friend to take on the darkness! I’m early in but enjoying it. It’s a cross between Borderlands and Halo , although there is clearly not enough loot in the game to directly compare it to Borderlands. I have not played any strikes nor have I played the competitive multiplayer, so there is a lot to take in before I have a final opinion of the game. But so far its fun and smooth. There is nothing here that’s revolutionary, no deep story. But there is fun shooting, a great co-op campaign mode and a bit of exploration. Check out the video below for some public events , co op campaign and, of course , funny dance moves! See you all on the flipside !

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