PatMan Picks Free iOS Games. Spider-Man Unlimited

No ,you haven’t returned to 2012 in some sort of time warp ,multi dimensional crazy loop. I am finally back with another iOS pic. While I spend the vast majority of my current time with my Xbox One and WiiU, I do occasionally check out the iOS market . And I stumbled upon ultimate Spider-man . It is a freemium Spider-Man game. It’s actually pretty decent ,kids will love it ,and as long as you don’t do micro transactions ,it’s free. It’s a slightly different take on the endless runner games with web slinging , bad guy punching and wall crawling added to the mix. And speaking of “multi dimensional”, you will be playing as alternate dimension Spider-Men , if you are good enough to unlock them. Check out a trailer below and who knows, maybe I’ll do another iPhone pick before 2016! See you all, on the FLIP-SIDE.

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