PatMan Plays Halo 2 Anniversary. Enter The Arbiter.

When I first played Halo 2, back a decade ago, I didn’t really like the idea of playing as one of the “bad guys”, heck as playing as anyone other than the main man 117 himself, to be honest. I didn’t know who or what the Arbiter was, and didn’t care much. But, as the game and the story progressed I did get used to it. Now with Halo 2 Anniversary, which of course is only one part of the gigantic collection of Halo games known as the Master Chief Collection, I have a different point of view about the Arbiter. I am really enjoying replaying the Arbiter levels, and with he help of the great new CGI cinematics, I am appreciating this part of Halo 2 much more. I guess it helps to know the story of the Arbiter in Halo 2 and Halo 3 along with the conflict that happens within the covenant when coming back to play Halo 2. Anyways, here is nearly 5 mins of gameplay and cut scene footage of me playing Halo 2 anniversary , Arbiter style! See you all on the flip-side!

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