PatMan Plays Halo 5 Beta

What is going on people? Its been a while but I am back with another PatMan plays. This time it is footage of me playing the beta for Halo 5. Initially, I found the new abilities and the new scopes to be a bit of a challenge. I did , however, figure out to change the setting of the controller to the familiar Halo 4 controls and I also learnt when to use the new scope and when to use the classic style of aiming. This helped a lot and I really enjoyed the beta much more as time went on. There were absolutely no vehicles in the beta, which was disappointing, but maybe there will be another beta in the future to rectify this. Anyways I am off to play the Battlefield Hardline beta right now, so see you all on the flip-side. Chek out some game play below!

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