The Fast, The Furious And The Free!

What IS going on people? Its been a while since I posted any videos, and I just can’t let Bruce have all the fun around here any longer! And what better video than a FREE game video? The Fast And The Furious is a stand alone free download, but it will only be free for a limited time, so get downloading. I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying this download, simply put, its more fun than I expected it to be. My favorite vehicle, so far, is the Jeep. About one minute into my video you can see for yourself. Hell, I even “race” a helicopter in one clip. I enjoy the off road stuff more than the regular road racing, I guess. Anyways, check out the Fast and Furious inspired action below and don’t forget to download it soon… while it is still FREE! If it’s FREE it’s fore ME !

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2 Responses to “The Fast, The Furious And The Free!”

  1. Chris Loyd says:

    Great job Pat! That actually looks pretty decent.

    • Patvancanman says:

      I am enjoying it a lot. Aaaaand 14 Achievements in 45 mins, including a 100pt one LOL