PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Still His Favorite Current Gen Game.

The more I play my Xbox One and my WiiU the more I realize that Mario Kart 8 is my favorite game that I have played, thus far, on the current gen systems. Sure, that might change with Halo 5 or maybe the new Zelda but for now, Mario Kart 8 crosses the finish line in first place. It does it all and does it so well. Mario Kart 8 looks amazing, sounds great and most of all plays fun ! Here is a highlight reel of my Mii on the F-Zero track, with Samus Amiibo racing gear, riding on the Zelda inspired Master Cycle. Yeah, that’s a Nintendo overload right there , and it is awesome. With the new DLC coming out in about a month and more Amiibo costumes to be had, I cant wait to see what comes next. Check out some footage below and I will see you all, “on the flipside”!

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