PatMan Plays Conkers Big Reunion. Project Spark

I am excited to say that Conker is back! Well, sort of back. I suppose. Kind of. There is a 5 dollar DLC pack that allows Project Spark gamers to play a new episode of Conker. The game is using the tools and assets that are in Project Spark. The DLC is “Decent” and yes it feels, mostly, like the Conker of old. The jokes are there, although maybe not as funny as before, or maybe its just “been there done that”. The platforming is there, but not as tight nor as clever as in the past. But again, they had to use the assets from Project Sparks engine. Still, for the very cheap price of 5 bucks, Conker is back and it is decent fun. The game is both bitter and sweet all in one. I only hope that Conker fans download it and do not boycot, only then will we ever gat a chance at a REAL Conker title. Check out the footage below and decide for yourself if its ” Good Enough”. I for one acknowledge its shortcomings, especially in its controls, yet am glad it exists and feel its worth playing if only for a short travel back to the past. See you all on the flip side!

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