PatMan Plays Jet Force Gemini. Rare Replay

Jet Force Gemini is one of the few games made by Rare during the N64 “golden era” that I actually never owned. So, when I discovered it was going to be one of the 30 games for 30 dollars, I was pretty excited about playing it. It is a fun 3rd person perspective shooter with lots of enemies to take out. The sound track is pretty good so far, and you can of course excuse the very dated N64 visuals. Unlike Banjo and Perfect Dark, this game did not get a HD face lift. One thing I can not excuse however is the very poor controls. I know the N64 controller and the Xbox One controller are not the same, and mapping the controllers may not work perfectly after all these years. But when I see how nice the controls are in the Banjo games and other N64 titles that have been ported over I cant help but feel a bit disappointed and even frustrated at times. I know there is a fun N64 game to be played here. I can see it and I can hear it. However, only sometimes can I play it. At other times the controls, camera and the aiming are just horrible. Still I am enjoying Jet Force Gemini and will give it another go soon. SO, for now, check out this gameplay footage taken early in and I will see you all on the Flip-Side!

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