PatMan Plays Kameo Elements Of Power. Rare Replay

There is amazing value in Rare Replay. That is undeniable. But this really hits home when you play Kameo. For essentially one dollar, you know “30 games for 30 dollars”, you not only get the beautiful and colorful visuals of this Xbox 360 launch title, but you also have a great soundtrack as well. While it is true that the game does suffer from some game play repetition and some of the elements don’t control as well as they should, I really believe that Kameo is of one of Rares most underrated games. It is a shame that MS scrapped the sequel. But you never know, maybe one day we will get Kameo 2. For now however, check out some footage of Kameo Elements Of Power and, as usual, I will see you all on the Flip-side!

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