PatMan Plays RC Pro AM 1&2. Rare Replay

I kind of cheat this week with my Rare Replay video. This time around I will be showing footage of both RC Pro Am and the successful follow up title RC Pro AM 2.I had almost forgotten that Rare made these fun racers back in the day. While both are great old school racing games, they really are too similar to justify separate videos, so I made one for them both.That and I am lazy. You will notice that my RC vehicles are all over the track. It appears that my racing skills have gone downhill over time. I still had lots of retro fun playing and I will no doubt return to these arcade style racers later. Did you know that Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 was, originally, planned to be a RC Pro AM game? Check out some game play of these titles below and I will see you all on the Flip-Side!

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