Wonderpod Episode 290

Time for Wonderpod. We are a trio once again. Couple things to note with this episode. One we are done with VR news. Enough is enough already. Second Skype decided to change settings on me for fun. So mic is a bit loud even after tweaking. Sorry about that. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Two dumb lawsuits

One we don’t talk about

The other we were surprised got through.

Not that surprised

Stop abusing terms jerks

MS opens the cross network gates

Keyboard versus controller. Fight!!

Sony responds as only Sony can

AMD gets into VR with Sulon.

This is the VR end game

Sony announces price and launch date for Morpheus

Later we learn the rest of the story

Get out the camera

What the black box actually does.

Bottom line Sony is not instilling confidence

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