Wonderpod Episode 294

Time for Wonderpod. We are a duo show this week and will be quite a bit from now on. Glasenator is taking some classes at night, so he will be hit and miss. This week was loaded with topics for us. Enjoy the show guys and have a great weekend.


Jon saw Cape versus The Bat.

Dr. Strange gets no love.

The PS4.5 rumor continue

Sounds like devs are not happy

Adrian Carmack and John Romero are working together

It’s another shooter

Why break the mold

Cliffy explains Lawbreakers move to PTP

Money still matters?

Then Cliffy decided to piss of part of the Internet

Hipster lookouts?

Why does he give us such good fodder?

R.I.P Chyna (Joanie Laurer)

R.I.P Prince

Calm down 2016 ffs.

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