Wonderpod Episode 296

Get ready for a new Wonderpod. This week we talk a lot about FPS gaming. Kind of digging these episodes. Where one topic branches in to multiple discussions. we did delve into a few other things I suppose. Still all revolving around the FPS genre. It will make more sense when you listen. Give me a break I am tired. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend

The word regatta confuses me.

It’s okay you can laugh at me looking like an idiot

Bottom line you want to drink be in Saint John’s

Call of Duty has a new jam

To infinite and beyond!!

The original Black Ops was good

Stuck in a box

Respawn is making a Star Wars game

Thank fuck for that

The EA meddling factor

Battlefield is probably going to do the same.

Debating the future

Old dog

Sort of new tricks

Muscle memory

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