Wonderpod Episode 297

Wonderpod is like a train. Right on schedule and mowing down cows. This week was a different type of show. We had two first time guests and one guest appearing for the third time. If that isn’t confusing enough they are all from Wales. If your still confused, you need to listen to some of the older shows. Enjoy the show guys and have a great weekend!

Drunk traveling

Andrews back seat gaming

They send Shenmue I was thinking Ninja Gaiden

Don’t ask why I am an idiot

A wild Olivia appears

Tech support

Again with the tinkering

Friend Chris 2016!!

Stewart is god!!

dragging bodies is fun

Most likely a rerun story

How long has this show been on


A film festival breaks out

Trade Secrets

Film versus Digital

Battlefield 1


The human mind

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