PatMan Plays – More Halo Reach With The Wonderpod Crew.

Welcome, once again, to another PatMan plays.This time around I will share with you another Halo Reach “Team Wonderpod” video that I made a while back. If you are one of our friends on facebook, you may have seen it a little while ago there. If your not one of our friends on facebook, send us a request to wonderpodonline, we love making new friends and thats the best place to ask us questions for our video game podcast. Enjoy my team wonderpod video and have a great, fun weekend !¬†See you online.

[youtube MtConi7NduA]

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3 Responses to “PatMan Plays – More Halo Reach With The Wonderpod Crew.”

  1. Bruce McGee says:

    Ah the stabin cabin incident. That was probably my favorite moment in all our Halo Reach nights. Pat nails the first guy, then I stab the next two. Hilarious how many guys ran in there. We almost got a fourth if I remember right.

    A close second would be the night Glasenator and I came back for the win in one of the community maps. Glase yelling at me to hide, good stuff

  2. G says:

    I love the assasination segment. It still is the funniest part of this clip… although the double vehicle explosion at the start is pretty awesome too.

  3. PatMan says:

    " stabin cabin" I like that for a name.

    That double armor lock at the stat is pretty cool.

    I had 2 render mins left for this month, so I decided to make a quick Reach movie, exposing a certain players antics. I think Bruce will not be surprised by its outcome.

    Gamer Dick, Reach style ….Coming soon !