Wonderpod Highlight Reel !

What is going on people? PatMan here with  another installment of the wonderpod video game podcast  highlight reel! This time we go way back to episode 11. Yes, thats a while back, its a time before Glasenator and Survivor Man G became staples of the show. Check out our past episodes at archive.org where you can find them all for download. Or, you can subscribe to wonderpod on iTunes where you can rate us and watch us on Apple T.V as well!  The website at the start of my video is no longer in existence, however you can download wonderpod  MP3 files right here at wonderpodonline.com, so check out our latest episodes will ya?  Thanks for watching the highlight reel and  thank you for your interest in our website.See you next time on the highlight reel!

[youtube 2fvDdwcF7cA]

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