TCR Comix: The Lifespan Of The Average North American Woman, As Depicted On Facebook

Hey, how’s it going! Lately, The Internet has had this massive erection for the drug-addled antics of one Charlie Sheen.  Apparently, everyone remembered that he’s a remorseless drug addict, and he’s SO FRIGGIN’ FUNNY!  I hope Charlie enjoys this additional 5 minutes of fame, before The Internet loses interest and moves on to the next meme.

IN CASE you haven’t guessed, the whole thing has put me in a crotchety, “I HATE THE INTERNET” mood!  Couple that with a long standing theory I have had (and shared with the ‘Lil Woman’) that I have just finalized and am now ready to share, I bring you the newest installment in my world-famous series of charts, The Lifespan of the Average North American Woman, As Depicted On Facebook!

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5 Responses to “TCR Comix: The Lifespan Of The Average North American Woman, As Depicted On Facebook”

  1. G says:

    I was only given three uses of the following comment at birth, and there will be no bonus pickups, or item drops.


    Dude, this is spot on! Risking the reddit trolls with this one for sure…

  2. Al Creed says:

    I guarantee that 90% of the women that this comic applies to would look at it and say "THAT'S NOT FUNNY."

    • G says:

      Yep, they would. But as Graelien noted below this (as well as the scathing reality of your comic), anyone on facebook for a while regardless of gender can't deny how accurate this comic really is.

  3. Graelien says:

    Truth hurts when it's thrust in one's face! I'm going to post some pics of me getting trashed with my buds on facebook now.