Wonderpod Episode 55

Friday is finally here and so is another episode of Wonderpod. The original crew is back in full force for this one. I apologize to PatMan right off the top. I just didn’t feel like sticking avatars in this banner. Before we hit the text highlights, let me send out my thoughts and well wishes to the people of Japan. If you got the time donate to the Red Cross or the appropriate relief fund.

We debate the best number of people for a FPS match

Survivorman G has another retro game for us. The monkeys are alive and well it seems.

The next Xbox may be taking shape. That or they are making the xpad

Kinect sells a lot. Hardcore whiners cry harder.

Gears 3 will have a death match mode. Everybody will still play horde mode.

Blizzard turns 20. I go fanboy for a moment.

What I missed is back and ironic

Short show means some bonus audio, you lucky audience.


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2 Responses to “Wonderpod Episode 55”

  1. gamer ManX says:

    Wonderpod rocks !!!

  2. G says:

    The monkeys live… for now? We all have to die at some point. The question was decently answered, little love for Frogger! BLARGH! Ha ha… In retrospect, I should have included a sample of "Frogger" by Bad Religion that sampled the cabinet music at the start of the track.

    I'd be alright with a massive amount of players in the right context for online play. It really comes down to how the game is intended to be played. It would be awesome to have armies versus armies, but with all the online little generals, I can't see cohesion working very easily. In principle the concept makes me drool.

    Wow… Blizzard at 20? I was a huge fan of the original Warcrafts (as was Big Poppa G), and a few titles here and there along the way. It's nice to see this PC giant celebrate the milestone.